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  • lacking any definite plan or order or purpose; governed by or depending on chance; “a random choice”; “bombs fell at random”; “random movements”
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  • Randomness has somewhat disparate meanings as used in several different fields. It also has common meanings which may have loose connections with some of those more definite meanings.
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  • New World chat: birds having a chattering call
  • an informal conversation
  • Talk in a friendly and informal way
  • chew the fat: talk socially without exchanging too much information; “the men were sitting in the cafe and shooting the breeze”

chat to random people

Relaxing in Fiji

Relaxing in Fiji
For some reason Mrs. Pokoroto doesn’t like this picture.

On my long way home from Australia I had a few stops. One was 12 days in Fiji. The hostel I stayed at was an annex attached to a luxury hotel. For $10 a night hostel guests had full access to the hotel services. I hate to think how much people paid to stay at the hotel. I guess it would be worth it if one spent most of their time in their hotel room.

The woman in this picture was a very nice German lady and not the least bit crazy.

I specifically said that she was not crazy because I did happen upon a crazy lady from New Zealand.

On my first night in Fiji a couple of American guys suggested that we get some "beers" and go down to the beach and enjoy the evening.
It sounded good to me.

Just as we were opening our second round a figure in a thin white cotton dress with the moonlight shining behind her approached us from along the shore. We offered her a beer, had a nice chat and called it a day.

The next day I ran into her again and she told me that she was single, had no prospects but really wanted to have a baby. "Oh" I said. She then offered to pay me to get her pregnant.

I politely declined her generous offer and went on my way.

The next day I decided to take a random stroll as I am apt to do when I am exploring. I happened to walk by her hotel and she saw me and decided to proposition me again but in a much more forceful manner that scared the bejeezus out of me.
When I once again declined she grabbed my arm and physically tried to drag me back to her hotel room demanding that I inseminate her.

Just then a taxi with some paying local customers came traveling along the road and stopped to offer his services.
I quickly hopped in and told him to go.
But he did not go. She got in and offered me a cash reward again to plant my seed in her. The taxi driver and the two other people looked on with slightly confused faces. I finally got out and started running away down the road.
She also got out and started chasing me down the road. About 10 minutes later the taxi, after dropping off the other people returned going the opposite direction. I quickly jumped in and locked the doors and told him to "go, go go!" And he did. After I made my escape, I realized that my hostel was in the other direction and asked him to take me there. So he did a U-turn and headed back to my hostel as I ducked down in the back seat.

She recognized the taxi and jumped out in front of it requiring the driver to come to a screeching halt. When she saw me in the back seat she jumped up on the hood of the taxi demanding that he open the door. The driver looked at me and asked me if my "wife" was okay. I advised him that she was, in fact, not my wife and that I didn’t even know what her name was. After much honking and some colorful language from the taxi driver she finally got off of his car and he was able to speed away to my hotel where I was able to enjoy a much desired drink by the pool.

Not deterred from adventuring forth, the next day I decided to take a local bus into the city. I always like to avoid other tourists and mix in with the local residents.

She saw me on the bus! She hailed a taxi, passed the bus and got on at the next stop. I was trapped. I did my very best to look straight ahead and ignore her as she sat down beside me to tell me how much she loved me and how much she wanted me to get her pregnant. Imagine my relief after 10 minutes of that when she got up and moved to the back of the bus.

Suddenly, I heard screaming from the local residents and she wearing only what she was born in walked to the front of the bus laughing. The men on the bus enjoyed the show but the woman were sent into panic. They started shouting at me to get my wife to put her clothes back on. I looked straight ahead as still as a statue wondering what to do as a laughing nude woman walked up and down the bus aisle and the rage from the local woman fell on me.

Just as we were approaching the town she redressed and took a seat behind me. The kindly woman in the seat in front of me turned around to advise me that there was a special hospital that I should take my "wife" to.

When the bus stopped to let a passenger off I waited until the doors were starting to close and dashed out the narrow opening and ran as fast as I could down a side street before she was able to follow me.

A street gang saw me in the back alley and cornered me against a brick wall.

To my great relief when I told them the story of the crazy lady that wanted me to get her pregnant they offered to act as my eyes for the day. One of them dashed off to the main street to keep an eye on the woman who had also gotten off the bus and was searching for me and another one of the gang dashed off to the local whiskey factory where his cousin worked to return with a blue plastic bag of some sort of alcohol that I was obliged to try.

With the gangs help I was able

so the people below me play their stereo so high my room shakes. after many unsuccessful attempts simply talking, i decided to blast the bass on MY stereo using hiphop master Kid Cudi to shake them ba

so the people below me play their stereo so high my room shakes. after many unsuccessful attempts simply talking, i decided to blast the bass on MY stereo using hiphop master Kid Cudi to shake them ba
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I rarely bring up details about political affairs because I’m not really that much into that type of thing. I do actually find politics quite interesting in theory. But I don’t find myself really engaging anything the US or any other country is doing politically. I just know the tidbits of what I hear by my friends or on the TV. And I’m assuming almost all of that is complete bullshit anyway.

Seriously, every single person I talk to who brings up something about politics usually base their opinions on a bunch of stupid bullshit that holds absolutely no basis or fact. Have you ever noticed this?

Let’s say a random fuck you chat with starts spouting off about how much they are anti Obama for example. Then they start to list their assumed “facts” of how to came to this judgment.

You’ll usually get something like “the unemployment rate is so damn high, where’s the jobs”. I bet my entire cock the next time someone does this, ask them what the unemployment rate is. They won’t know. Nor will they even know what a truly bad unemployment really is. Some I bet won’t even know what the unemployment rate is by definition.

Or sometimes you’ll get the classy guy who will claim to be anti-Obama because of his name. Yeah – like seriously his NAME his parents gave him when he was born. I can’t tell you how many morons I’ve run across pulling this one out of their idiot bag of tricks.

HIS NAME! I guess because it resembles a terrorist name? Are you really serious you ignorant fuckers.

There are however issues I will immediately have an opinion on. And yes I realize I don’t know nearly as much as I need to know, but do we ever? Things like the Israeli wall they are building.

I am so fucking against the whole idea and concept of that. I find it atrocious. Didn’t we learn from our mistakes? Can you say the word “BERLIN WALL”?! Yes I realize it’s entirely different in so many ways.

But the concept is the same, building a wall to separate people. The only place I should be staring at walls is inside my house. Walls aren’t meant to be outside separating people and places. Are we moving backwards or forward here?

Are you into politics? Do you ever engage on topics like discussing the job the president is doing or the Israel West Bank Wall? And do you think it’s important to keep up on world events? Or are you okay with being entirely indifferent about everything going on around you.

The photo at hand? It’s 3 photos in one. The main one is explained in the tags as seen. The people on the bottom was just a quickie i took while walking past a concert. The color dots was just another shot i took and used a piece of it. The idea here is that I’m sitting on a wall, the people are trying to get by the wall to the right side which is colorful and nicer than the horrible left side of the wall.

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